Model 3/Y: Touch Screen Protector (matte/glossy)

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  • Perfect fit
  • Protection against scratches
  • protection against cracks
  • matte or glossy
  • reduces visible fingerprints
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Protect your Model 3/Y screen from unsightly scratches and cracks.

Our screen protector is made of robust armored glass with hardness level H9. It is precisely adapted to the screen of the Tesla.
The film protects your screen from scratches and cracks.
The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y displays are very sensitive. Even light impacts can damage the display. Be proactive and protect your display right from the start to avoid expensive repairs. With the matte foil, the display is anti-glare and fingerprints are hardly visible.


The film comes with a wet and a dry cloth to thoroughly remove any grease and dust residue before installation. Then remove the remaining dust fluff with the supplied dust absorber sticker.

ATTENTION: The film is a bit fluffy towards the bottom. (See grafic below). So make sure during installation that you keep the upper side parallel to the edge of the display.


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