Model Y: Sidekit large

79,00 VAT includet

  • Transparent PPF
  • Installation Accessories includet
  • Protects the lower doors
  • easy installation at home

Transparent side protection for your Model Y:

The Sidekit Large contains a total of 6 parts. You will also receive a squeegee for assembly. The lower door area is protected up to the bending edge of the Model Y. Rain, snowfall and salt scattering have a particularly dirty effect on the side of your Tesla. The paintwork can also be easily damaged by loose chips. But thanks to the foil, you can easily clean your car again without fear of scratches. The film offers optimal protection against all environmental influences that affect the vehicle when standing or driving.

It takes about 30 minutes to attach the entire set, but four hands are known to work faster. For the best possible result, be sure to plan enough time and use a squeegee for precise assembly!

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