Model 3: Window tint film

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  • Precut window tint film
  • approved for public traffic
  • makes the vehicle look sportier
  • keeps heat outside your vehicle
  • more privacy
  • easy installation

Tint the rear windows of your Tesla Model 3:

With the window tinting film from Tesla-Protect you can easily darken your windows by yourself. The window tinting kit contains 4 films. This allows the two rear side windows and the small rear window to be darkened. You can choose between two tint levels: 75% and 95%. With the 95% tinted film, it is almost impossible to see inside the vehicle from the outside. So it serves as an absolute privacy screen and prevents unwanted looks from the back seat (chaos, child seats, etc.).

By darkening the rear windows, you give your Model 3 an even sportier look.

The films prevent the vehicle interior from overheating. They also provide UV protection.

Installation guide Model 3 Window tint film


Additional information

Tint Level

75% dark, 95% black


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